About Us

Redi Energy Services provides superior multiservice solutions for the industrial and commercial new construction, renovation and maintenance markets. We deliver comprehensive and cost-effective access, scaffolding, insulation, glycol tracing and soft cover products and services.

Safety First

Our continued goal as a company is to focus on "improving the overall process, not just solving a problem." This ensures that Redi Energy Services maintains its position at the forefront of our industry and promotes a policy that puts SAFETY FIRST. Redi Energy Services, along with all of our employees, comply with current federal, provincial, local, OH&S, client and company occupational health, safety and environmental laws. Each and every Redi Energy Services employee understands that s/he is responsible for safety. In addition, as part of our commitment to safety, we have developed comprehensive policies and programs, which our employees are expected to enforce at all times. At Redi Energy Services, we believe that safety is a fundamental right, which we owe to each and every one of our employees. It is this belief that drives our commitment to providing education, training and mentoring to ensure that our employees return to their families safely at the end of every shift.

Quality Reputation

Much of Redi Energy Services' success can be attributed to our hard-working employees – trained and skilled craftsmen who take pride in their performance. We have built strong relationships with our clients due in large part to our commitment to treat everyone we work with – from our customers to our vendors to our employees – with integrity and fairness. Redi Energy Services' employees have established a reputation for quality performance, completing projects on schedule and within budget.